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Professional Collaborations

I previously worked for editorial project such as children books and magazines and I'm currently open to new collaborations as a freelance illustrator. Feel free to contact me if you like my work!

Private Commissions

I'm currently taking art commissions. What can I do for you, you do say?
Well, I can provide digital material or printed goods, your choose the subject: Potraits, Animals, original characters, fan arts, tattoo designs, posters, character design, drawings for special events (couples, birthdays, anniversaries etc...)
Pretty much everything it came up from your imagination!

My point of View

I love to draw messy characters with colourful atmospheres: I believe in the power of colour and all its combinations! But also monochromatic compositions are my favourites.

Graphic Design Services

Leaflets • Brochures • Posters • Logos • Business Cards
Books • Comics • CD Covers • Tattoo Designs • T Shirt Designs
& More


Recent Work


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